Golborne Bridge | Bridge Renewal | Urban Eye | British Artist Miles Watson
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Golborne Bridge



Golborne bridge in North Kensington was in a comically dilapidated condition 100 years after its construction. Urban Eye gained approval from Network Rail to renew the bridge in 2008. After some delays the project, which involved repairs and new design work got underway in 2012.


Local artists Miles Watson and Toby Laurent-Belson created four design options for the bridge panels, with the final artwork chosen by community consultation. Repairs were carried out on the bridge which was then repainted. New stainless steel mesh was installed and new lighting was co-designed by Urban Eye and Light Projects Ltd to emphasise the bridge structure. Urban Eye worked closely on the project with the Network Rail term contractor Birse during Summer 2013.


The transformation has proved popular locally and has helped revitalise a neglected structure using an approach that could enhance many other London bridges.


Project funding was provided by Transport for London.

Photographs (2013) by Miles Watson